Matt had such strong humanitarian beliefs and made it one of his life missions to help create equal opportunities for kids all around the UK. Matt witnessed firsthand the effect he had helping and teaching youth, which he did through his personal passions, music and skiing. By giving kids access to learning, he saw how this gave them a new sense of purpose, in turn keeping them on a straight path and helping to positively shape their futures forever. This was one of the most important things in Matt’s life and he felt if he couldn’t help others through his own abilities, then what was the point. This is something he continuously strived to do throughout his life.

It is in Matt’s honour that all profits will go to charities that forward that same purpose. At the moment, we have teamed up with two incredible foundations to help kids learn music and skiing, who otherwise wouldn’t have access.



Fairbeats UK, whose mission is to provide relief and respite to children and families from new minority communities through music. In doing so, they aim to be an anchor in a chaotic and challenging world. Fair beats offer space and time outside the challenges of everyday existence – a meeting place and a space of refuge, where they witness each other’s experiences and enjoy quality time together. They also carry out and publish research to find out how music-making and other artistic activities can promote integrated and supportive communities.

Their vision is for a society where newly arrived children and families are supported to participate in the UK’s musical and cultural life to the extent that they wish to do so. They believe this will lead to a more welcoming and tolerant society. They are an enabling organisation: they acknowledge that they are one part of a much larger mission to promote equality, fairness and freedom for all human beings, especially those who have left their countries of birth and who become refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants.Explore Fairbeats.



Snow Camp, whose mission is to engage young people through skiing and snowboarding to provide life-skills training and mental health support, while enabling them to gain qualifications and employment in the snowsports industry and beyond.

Motivating young people to fully engage is the key to successful youth work and they have found that snowsports are incredibly attractive to inner-city young people, despite being out-of-reach for many. The opportunity to participate in snowsports acts as the tool with which they can effectively engage young people and maintain a positive involvement with them. This is achieved through their Programme Journey, which takes place at indoor snowsports centres in London, the North West, the Midlands and Scotland. Explore Snow Camp.