Kevin Barnaville - Producer

Kevin, Matt’s father, committed his life to creating a beautiful future for his only son. There aren’t words to describe his love and heartbreak for Matt and we would fall short in attempting to. Kevin can only hope to forward Matt’s purpose to help others the way he did when he was alive by using all the profits from his music to charity.

Hanover Booth - Producer

Hanover, Matt’s girlfriend, was living in Switzerland with Matt when he lost his life. Hanover and Matt had a love that people write an infinity of songs and films trying to capture. We would always say they were the same person split in two.

Since the accident happened, she knew she had to honor Matt’s legacy. She was left with all of the songs he wanted to release, the photos and videos no one had ever seen and the scribbled ideas of what he wanted it to all look like. She knew she had to carry out his dream for him, and do it in honor of the causes he worked so hard to help during his life. She unwaveringly believed that if he had to be stolen from this world, she needed to make sure his mark, in all its beauty, would be left on it.

It’s heartbreaking to watch her have to edit the videos where he’s whispering at the end that he loves her, or compile the audio clips of songs that he wrote; but seeing what she has created with the sum of it all leaves me in awe. The fact that she can bring something so beautiful to life, in the midst of such pain is truly a testament to who she is.

It has taken her nearly 6 months of working on this project every single day to complete it in its entirety, so it can be shared with the world in a final form that she felt would do Matt justice.

Jessie Willner - Producer

Jessie, Hanover’s best friend, Matt considered family and she knew Matt’s music and vision so deeply. Her love for Matt was so full, you could liken it to that of a brother. She has given hundreds of hours to building the website, music, and a million other things to execute every single thing exactly as Matt had wanted.

Sean Friday - Mixer, Producer, Magical Music Wizard

Sean Friday, accomplished musician and producer, mixed and mastered all of Matt’s tracks in Los Angeles, California. Although Sean never got to meet Matt, the first time he heard him he was instantly in love and dedicated his time and passion out of the goodness of his heart. It’s thanks to him we get to hear Matt in his purest form.

Marco Furio - Producer

Marco, one of Matt’s closest friends, was a fellow skier and musician and frequently collaborated with Matt. They were always enthusiastic supporters of each other in their lives and careers, and Marco has made it his mission to continue that in Matt’s death. He has assisted greatly on this project as he was very in tune to what Matt wanted with his music.